Kappa Eta Kappa: Beta Chapter

A professional engineering fraternity at the University of Minnesota


Membership is open to all CSE students, and as CSE students, we realize the importance of academics and scholarship. One of the greatest benefits of membership is having a number of friends who are studying the same material, or who have previously taken the same classes and are able to help.


The fraternity-owned house is located at 1100 SE 4th Street in the west end of Dinkytown. The library and electronics lab serve the academic needs of members, and the party room and social events provide socialization. KHK owns several well equipped computers with high-speed internet, and much of the software needed for classes.


Official rush events will begin again this fall, but feel free to contact us any time with questions or to express interest.


Meghan Kress


Beta Number: 881
Year: Senior
Major: Architecture
Chair(s): President

Mehraud Razzaghi

Vice President

Beta Number: 891
Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemical Engineering
Chair(s): Vice President

Tanis Kneevers


Beta Number: 888
Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Chair(s): Secretary, Outreach

Robert Renkor


Beta Number: 890
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Engineering
Chair(s): Treasurer, HPLC

Madison Hermann

Beta Number: 879
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Engineering

Elizabeth Vo

Beta Number: 885
Year: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering
Chair(s): Pledge Chair, CPU Chair, Historian

Niki Spence

Beta Number: 886
Year: Junior
Major: Civil Engineering
Chair(s): Initiation, Adviser to Social

Jack Zofkie

Beta Number: 887
Year: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Chair(s): House Manager, Initiation

Veronica Falk

Beta Number: 889
Year: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering
Chair(s): Pledge and Propaganda

Edward Hoey

Beta Number: 892
Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemistry
Chair(s): Rush

Tyler Leuwer

Beta Number: 893
Year: Junior
Major: Chemical Engineering
Chair(s): Pledge Chair

Samuel Gagnon

Beta Number: 894
Year: Sophomore
Major: Black Magic
Chair(s): Abroad

Nathan DeLisle

Beta Number: 895
Year: Sophomore
Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Chair(s): Social, Athlecitcs

Samuel Swanson

Beta Number: 897
Year: Sophomore
Major: Computer Engineering
Chair(s): Librarian

Benjamin DeStefanis

Beta Number: 898
Year: Freshman
Major: Chemical Engineering
Chair(s): Social, Rush, Athletics

Devon Tuma

Beta Number: 899
Year: Sophomore
Major: Math/Csci
Chair(s): Webmaster, Initiation Chair

Melanie Sumiec

Beta Number: 900
Year: Junior
Major: Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
Chair(s): Pledge and Propaganda

Carol Svare

Beta Number: 901
Year: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering
Chair(s): CSE Ambassador Outreach

Get in touch

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us below or send us an email.